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I have a concern regarding dog sitting, sorry if much text, is complicated.
Ellas dog friends mistress is flying to the US the 1st week of April to settle her separation from her husband. She asked us to herd Freya, that`s the name of her dog.
However, not with us, because that would not go with my cats, but Freya would stay at home with her, and we would walk with her, several times. Freya is also not alone, because she still has a small Chihuahua lady.
Unfortunately, Freya’s mistress is so crazy, if I may say so here.

  1. she said that Freya had to go out only 1x a day. We told her that this would be cruelty to animals, well, she saw that. Now there are 1 or 2 people, one of them lets Freya out in the morning and feeds her.
    She said, we get the key, and much more was not discussed.
    Also don’t want to list so many private details here.
    I asked Miri, so Freya’s mistress is called, that we would have to discuss everything properly, I know neither the Conny, which Freya then in the morning raus lets, abfüttert etc.. Freya probably gets only 1x food, much too little in my opinion for 14 month old dog. By the way, shepherd / sheep mix.
    With discuss I mean, agree, when who goes with the dog, whether reliance on the persons is, who is responsible in case of emergency / illness, which TA, which insurance.
    She didn’t even know the name of the vet, she said: “Well, the one in Pönitz, what’s his name?
    I said: “Oh, that’s Julitz, I know him.
    Miri is so confused, and you can’t really get through to her. Hard to explain, hope you understand what I mean.
    We know Miri also only through the dogs, and personally further also not. What if something happens to the dogs? I think they are not even insured.
    She once made a funny hint when we had Ella insured, which I didn’t find funny at all. I really have a black sense of humor, but that’s where it stopped. She doesn’t seem to have any money either, as I heard from various things – as I said, I don’t want to go into details. Just let something happen to the dogs, or something happens in the house.
    For me it’s all too delicate, too scurrying and opaque.
    Now I wrote to her already, that to me this is all too bustling and disorganized, and she now annoyed umpteen times by cell phone.

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